Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

dogYour dog gives you a lot of love, loyalty, and friendship. In return, she totally counts on you to provide her with the basics such as food, shelter, water, safety, exercise, companionship and regular veterinary care. Just like you would take care of your business, as I do for https://springfieldtowtruck.com/, the same care is required to keep your dog in a top healthy condition. So what are the best ways to take care of your dog to ensure that it is healthy? Let’s find out!


Proper Diet

A proper diet is a priority for all kinds of pets. If you are a true pet owner, you understand the importance of feeding your dog properly. Pets always love being around people who take care and feed them. Consider a simple case of feeding a stray. If you feed a stray, it will with time develop and create an attachment with you. One of the greatest love you can give to your dog is proper diet. Doing so provides the dog with immense happiness and a sense of attraction.


Walk it Out

doggyYou need to get your dog out of the house, walk it and train it. While walking your dog, you create an opportunity to listen and understand it. Walking a dog creates many benefits as well. You get a chance to train it as well as keeping it healthy. Another advantage of walking your dog is breaking the monotony of getting restrained in one place in their house.


Routine Care

Routine care is very important if you are looking forward to keeping your pet healthy. Now that animals may not be able to communicate to us directly when faced with biological needs, it is important to have a vet in place to help us with the interpretations. It is very important for us to be caring and intuitive to dogs by feeding them better, scheduling regular visits to the vet, enabling exercise routines, administering them with essential health supplements and providing ample grooming.

Plenty of Exercises

Exercise for dogs is very important and range from basic exercises to intense ones. Exercises can range from daily walks to complex agility training. Some exercises are simple while others seem so exciting and challenging for your dog. When it comes to physical exercises for your dog, the importance of dog walking can’t be ignored. You should also switch between exercises. One time you hit the local walking or hiking trail while other times you practice over an obstacle course. Always try to keep things different and interesting.




Stimulate the Dogs Mind

Dogs are interactive and instinctual animals, and they are always looking for you to provide opportunities to test their abilities, wits, and experiences. You should strive to provide your dog with opportunities to explore their abilities. Try challenging the mind of your dog by practicing new tricks. Take your dog to new paths inclusive of your weekend errands. You can mix it up by bringing new things to smell or attempting difficult tricks.

How to Deal with an Aggressive Dog

Worth A Thousand Words: Flying DogAggression is the most prominent and severe problems dogs have to deal with. It is the leading reason why pet owners seek professional assistance from trainers, behaviorists, and veterinarians. Aggression in dogs occurs due to a myriad of reasons. It could happen when a dog is safeguarding their territory, protecting themselves or defending their offspring. In dogs, aggression may include a couple of aspects. It can start with a range of behaviors that generally act as warning signs and result to become an attack.

Signs of Aggression

A dog may show aggression to people by exhibiting some or a series of the following characteristics; Becoming very rigid and still, guttural bark that sounds so threatening or just lunging forward and charging at a victim. Aggression can also be portrayed through mouthing, muzzle punch, growling and showing teeth. A dog may also give the victim a quick nip that leaves no mark, a quick bite that tears the skin or just repeated bites in rapid succession.

Aggressive Classifications

Aggression in dogs may be classified in a couple of ways. To have a better understanding of attack, we have to look at the function or the purpose of aggression. If you view aggression using this matter, you can quickly determine what causes aggression in dogs.


Territorial Aggression

dog aggresionTerritorial aggression occurs when a dog tries to protect and safeguard its territory from an imminent threat or danger. Dogs bark and charge at people who are invading their lands. Other dogs also show territorial aggression towards other dogs or people encroaching into their homes.


Defensive Aggression

Defensive aggression is closely related to fear aggression. The only difference is the strategy that is adopted by the dog. Defensive aggression in dogs is motivated by fear and instead of the dog trying to retreat, it does all the best it can to defend itself. Dogs that portray high signs of defensive aggression equally have a mixture of fear and offensive traits.

Other forms of aggression in dogs include; protective aggression – which occurs when dogs are protecting one member of the group who seems to be in danger. Possessive aggression occurs when dogs are protecting their possessives such as food.

Fear aggression occurs when they are defending themselves from scary things. Another form of aggression is social aggression. Because dogs live in social groups, it means specific rules for themselves govern them. Dogs adapt to a particular type of respected hierarchical order that influences which member of the group gets what first.

Common health Issues Affecting Dogs

dog skinDogs are quite faithful companions and will always depend on us for excellent care. Dogs that are well cared have very few health issues. While no dog breed is immune to health problems, some breeds have more problems than others. Dogs get sick for some reasons. If you take the necessary care steps, you can keep your dog healthy for long. Though not all the times you should visit a vet, some other times you should. You should also see a vet occasionally to examine the overall wellness of your dog.

Dogs are prone to various health issues including obesity, arthritis, poisoning, parasites, vomiting among others.  Here are the common health issues that face most dogs.


Skin Issues

Dogs experience different skin issues. When you see your dog itching and scratching, those are typical signs that it is suffering from skin issues. The skin may appear to be inflamed, red, flaky or otherwise abnormal. There are a couple of reasons dog develop skin problems. Top of the reasons being parasites, allergies and more. If your dog is always chewing and scratching, you need to see a vet to examine it more.


Ear Infections

Ear infections cause a dog to shake its head or scratch the ears. Some other times, you might see some ear discharge or debris. Ear infections can be itchy and very painful. When left untreated, they can cause some severe damage to your dog. Ear infections may some other times accompany skin issues. If you notice that your dog is struggling from ear infections, see a vet immediately.



Dog vomitingA dog can develop vomiting for many reasons. If you notice your dog is vomiting, you don’t need to rush to a vet immediately, but instead observe and see how the trend develops. A dog may vomit due to toxicity, gastrointestinal blockage among other reasons. Another cause of vomiting might be as a result of dietary indiscretion. When your dog keeps vomiting, that’s when you need to see a vet.


Dental Diseases

Dental diseases, medically referred to as periodontal disease pose a severe concern for dogs. When you notice that your dog has bad breath, it might be a sign of imminent dental disease. Plague and tartar in the mouth of a dog carry dangerous bacteria that may cause the teeth and gum to wear out. At the worst case, bacteria may enter the bloodstream leading to serious health issues such as heart disease and kidney failure.


Best Pets to Keep for Your Home

dogsSmall pets come in different sizes and shapes and it may be difficult to determine which one is right for you and your family. When making your decision, you have to know that some pets need a lot of care while others do not necessarily need it. When choosing a pet, determine the time and effort you’re willing to put forward to become a pet owner. Here are some of the best animals you can keep in your home as pets;


Dogs have been part of us for a long time. They are regarded as man’s best friend. No animal has helped man in his adventure better than dogs have. In America, the average dog owner has 1.7 dogs. These animals have been domesticated for more than 14,000 years, way longer as compared to any other animal. People love dogs because of the way they are easy to train, the way they are faithful, loyal and their ability to go anywhere. They can protect your home from intruders and act as playmates for the entire family.



catsAn approximate of 38.9 Americans own cats, and this data is according to American Pet Product Association. By numbers, there are in excess of pet cats than dogs and the world in general, including Americans, love pet cats so much. Pet owners  like to have more cats per household, with this number being around 2.2. Cats can be easy to keep, and they do not need a lot of care as compared to other pets. They can exercise themselves and do not need to be walked outside.



Fish are the third most popular pets in American after cats and dogs. There are about 13 million households all keeping fish pet. Irrespective of the water you have, be it freshwater or saltwater aquarium, you will find it quite calming to watch fish pet swim around. Provided they have food and clean water; you can leave fish pets unattended with very minimal arrangements.  Additionally, having an aquarium is an excellent addition.


When we talk about birds, there are limitless options to choose from.  Birds are much more cost effective and easy to take care of, as compared to what they have to offer. Many birds can be as social just like cats and dogs. Actually, they are better to domesticate than most other pets, including rabbits. To keep birds, you will need to do outstanding research. They need a large cage with various toys and perches. Some of the best birds to keep as pets include; cockatiel, African Grey Parrots, Budgerigars, Cockatoos, Conures, Macaws and the Amazon Parrots. Birds are lovely and loyal pets, so consider having one today.


Gerbils are one of the animals that are great to watch. They spend most of their time on adventure digging and can be quite captivating. Due to their quickness and agility, young children may find them quite tricky to hold. The most exciting thing about them is their movements and search for adventure that makes it quite fun for young children to play with or watch.