Best Pets to Keep for Your Home

dogsSmall pets come in different sizes and shapes and it may be difficult to determine which one is right for you and your family. When making your decision, you have to know that some pets need a lot of care while others do not necessarily need it. When choosing a pet, determine the time and effort you’re willing to put forward to become a pet owner. Here are some of the best animals you can keep in your home as pets;


Dogs have been part of us for a long time. They are regarded as man’s best friend. No animal has helped man in his adventure better than dogs have. In America, the average dog owner has 1.7 dogs. These animals have been domesticated for more than 14,000 years, way longer as compared to any other animal. People love dogs because of the way they are easy to train, the way they are faithful, loyal and their ability to go anywhere. They can protect your home from intruders and act as playmates for the entire family.



catsAn approximate of 38.9 Americans own cats, and this data is according to American Pet Product Association. By numbers, there are in excess of pet cats than dogs and the world in general, including Americans, love pet cats so much. Pet owners  like to have more cats per household, with this number being around 2.2. Cats can be easy to keep, and they do not need a lot of care as compared to other pets. They can exercise themselves and do not need to be walked outside.



Fish are the third most popular pets in American after cats and dogs. There are about 13 million households all keeping fish pet. Irrespective of the water you have, be it freshwater or saltwater aquarium, you will find it quite calming to watch fish pet swim around. Provided they have food and clean water; you can leave fish pets unattended with very minimal arrangements.  Additionally, having an aquarium is an excellent addition.


When we talk about birds, there are limitless options to choose from.  Birds are much more cost effective and easy to take care of, as compared to what they have to offer. Many birds can be as social just like cats and dogs. Actually, they are better to domesticate than most other pets, including rabbits. To keep birds, you will need to do outstanding research. They need a large cage with various toys and perches. Some of the best birds to keep as pets include; cockatiel, African Grey Parrots, Budgerigars, Cockatoos, Conures, Macaws and the Amazon Parrots. Birds are lovely and loyal pets, so consider having one today.


Gerbils are one of the animals that are great to watch. They spend most of their time on adventure digging and can be quite captivating. Due to their quickness and agility, young children may find them quite tricky to hold. The most exciting thing about them is their movements and search for adventure that makes it quite fun for young children to play with or watch.


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