Common health Issues Affecting Dogs

dog skinDogs are quite faithful companions and will always depend on us for excellent care. Dogs that are well cared have very few health issues. While no dog breed is immune to health problems, some breeds have more problems than others. Dogs get sick for some reasons. If you take the necessary care steps, you can keep your dog healthy for long. Though not all the times you should visit a vet, some other times you should. You should also see a vet occasionally to examine the overall wellness of your dog.

Dogs are prone to various health issues including obesity, arthritis, poisoning, parasites, vomiting among others.  Here are the common health issues that face most dogs.


Skin Issues

Dogs experience different skin issues. When you see your dog itching and scratching, those are typical signs that it is suffering from skin issues. The skin may appear to be inflamed, red, flaky or otherwise abnormal. There are a couple of reasons dog develop skin problems. Top of the reasons being parasites, allergies and more. If your dog is always chewing and scratching, you need to see a vet to examine it more.


Ear Infections

Ear infections cause a dog to shake its head or scratch the ears. Some other times, you might see some ear discharge or debris. Ear infections can be itchy and very painful. When left untreated, they can cause some severe damage to your dog. Ear infections may some other times accompany skin issues. If you notice that your dog is struggling from ear infections, see a vet immediately.



Dog vomitingA dog can develop vomiting for many reasons. If you notice your dog is vomiting, you don’t need to rush to a vet immediately, but instead observe and see how the trend develops. A dog may vomit due to toxicity, gastrointestinal blockage among other reasons. Another cause of vomiting might be as a result of dietary indiscretion. When your dog keeps vomiting, that’s when you need to see a vet.


Dental Diseases

Dental diseases, medically referred to as periodontal disease pose a severe concern for dogs. When you notice that your dog has bad breath, it might be a sign of imminent dental disease. Plague and tartar in the mouth of a dog carry dangerous bacteria that may cause the teeth and gum to wear out. At the worst case, bacteria may enter the bloodstream leading to serious health issues such as heart disease and kidney failure.


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