Best Dog Breeds to Rear    

BulldogDogs are incredibly loyal animals that give us comfort, protection, and love. Just like the happiness and comfort we get by riding exotic cars such as those of or going on holiday at white sand beaches, we may equally get this comfort by owning a pet dog. So are you looking for a laid-back dog that is as happy relaxing at most as it would be playing in the pack, here are some good breeds you might consider?



Bulldogs are known for their gentle disposition. They have a lovable personality with their signature wrinkles. According to the stats from the American Kennel Club, bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They have a medium sized body that is strong and sturdy. As a dog owner, they may not be able to fit in your lap, but they’re comfortable relaxing by your side. Bulldogs require minimal grooming and exercising. They prefer to remain indoors or in warm shades.


Portuguese Water Dogs

The Portuguese water dogs have long lived and were originally bred for the purpose of herding fish, retrieve lost tackles as well as broken nets and act as couriers from ship to shore. These dogs are good for people with allergies and make an excellent companion. They are loving, intelligent, independent and very easy to train. These dogs also enjoy being petted. Most of them are friendly to strangers.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is one of the most popular dog breeds. This is particularly because they are such incredible dwellers in apartments. They are so cute and require minimal exercise. Bichons love being on the laps of the owner. Bichons are also very cheerful happy pups in almost any situation. These dogs love meeting new people. If you want to spend a day at the bitch, Bichons are without a doubt the right companion for you.



chihuahuaThe Chihuahuas are excellent city dogs because of their size. They are well known for being alert and are very much dedicated to their owners. They require minimal exercise as well as grooming. However, note that they can be quite sensitive to cold temperatures. They are very intelligent and always try to be bold in an attempt to protect their owners from an imminent attack.



Maltese are one of the most ancient toy breeds. They were bred to be sweet and are quite adoring to their owners. The Greeks are known to have erected tombs for Maltese dogs during the ancient times. During the Elizabethan times, the Maltese were viewed as the comforter and were believed to relieve pain and cure illnesses. These types of dogs can be extremely hypoallergenic. They are adorable with their silky coats that don’t shed.


German Shepherds

German shepherds are a relatively new breed that makes to be exceptional animals. They are courageous, incredibly loyal, obedient and eager to learn. These types of dogs excel in almost anything they do, and anything they are trained for. They are normally used as service dogs and police dogs. They are very good at locating drugs and human remains. The German Shepherds love their owners very much such that they suffer separation anxiety and become overly destructive when bored or left alone at home.





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